Tyrn Lhuig


Bestowal Dialogue:
'Hold...I would have a moment of your time. You seem to be capable of looking after yourself in this harsh land. We hunt the beasts of the swamp, and our most valuable and dangerous prey are the fire-worms.

'Their hides are extremely tough, proof against both water and fire, and can be worked into armour, clothes, and all manner of useful things. If you should happen to collect any hides of the local worms, please bring them here, and I will pay you well.

'But then, you are a may not have the courage or prowess it will take.'

Rodakhan the hunter has said he will pay well for worm-hides. However, worms are some of the most dangerous beasts of the swamp.


Collect fire-worm hides []
Fire-worms can be found in the south-east part of Malenhad. Rodakhan is at the hunting camp, west of the worm-lairs.

Rodakhan has asked you to collect fire-worm hides for him.

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Fire-Worm Cloak

Fire-Worm Cloak

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