Level: 06

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Waymeet

Start: Dora Brownlock

Bestowal Dialogue:
'I don't know that I can go home until I know those wolves are gone for good! What if they come for my babies again?

'You were so brave to rescue my little darlings...I'm sure you could do something about the wolves. The awful beasts that attacked my farm came from the north...there must be a wolf den somewhere among the hills north of my farm!

'Oh, please do hurry! I really would like to go home soon.'

Wolves overran Dora Brownlock's farm and present a threat to Waymeet and the surrounding communities.

1. The wolf den is off the road north of Dora Brownlock's farm and Waymeet.

Dora Brownlock is grateful that you rescued her chickens from the wolves, but she is afraid to go home until she is sure that the wolves will no longer trouble her. She has asked you to go to the wolf den and put an end to the threat.

2. Dora Brownlock is at the centre of Waymeet.

Dora Brownlock will be pleased to hear that you have done something about the wolves threatening the area.



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