Level: 08

Difficulty: Solo


Start:Eldo Swatmidge

Bestowal Dialogue:
'This is a fine farm, wouldn't you say? Yes, life has been kind to me. My only regret is that I haven't anyone to share it with!.

'I think you might be able to help me, if you're of a mind. The Widow Froghorn lives up the hill to the west, and she's a fine lady, but she won't hear of me courting her. I've been sending letters to her for a while now, asking her to tea, to the dance, to watch o'er my dog...but she refuses every time!

'Now, Widow Froghorn -- Asphodel is her right name -- is always needing help around her farm. Maybe if you lend her a hand, saying a kind word about me now and then, she'll change her mind! Go west up the hill, then turn south by the fence at the top. Her farm is at the crossroads.'

Eldo Swatmidge is a successful farmer, but he is lonely. He has sought your help to woo his neighbour, the Widow Froghorn.

The Widow Froghorn's farm is west and south of Eldo Swatmidge's farm.

Eldo has asked you to help out around Asphodel Froghorn's farm, taking the opportunity to put in a few good words for him.


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