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Bestowal Dialogue:
'I must beg your pardon, but it's been a bit of a trial since I lost my Bodo. If you're here to lend a hand, I won't stop you.

'The pipe-weed is ready for harvest, so if you're still intent on helping out, you can bring it in. It's right there, on the other side of my wheat field.

'But you should know that I'll not change my mind about old Eldo Swatmidge.'

Eldo Swatmidge is a successful farmer, but he is lonely. He has sought your help to woo his neighbour, the Widow Froghorn.

1. Asphodel's pipe-weed field is located by her home, directly to the west of her wheat-field.

The Widow Froghorn has asked you to harvest some of the ripe pipe-weed from her field.

2. Eldo Swatmidge's farm is up the road to the north and east of the Widow Froghorn's farm in Staddle.

After collecting pipeweed for Asphodel, she handed you a note and told you to deliver it to Eldo without reading the contents.


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