Level: 10

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
Talath Ondren, the region of Haudh Lin to the east, was once known as the Shipwright's Grove in Westron, and it is there that many of the famed vessels of the Elves were built in days long past -- but the corruption that haunts it now is much greater than I or my brothers had imagined. Something malignant and evil lurks there now.

'I have not found the true source of the corruption yet, but something must be done nonetheless. If you would help me, then seek out the spiders that infest Talath Ondren east of here and thin their numbers.

'They are not the ultimate source of the corruption, but your efforts should buy me the time I need to find the true source.'

Glamír is concerned by the spiders which infest Talath Ondren.

1. Talath Ondren is east of the Grimwater.

Glamír has asked you to slay the spiders that infest Talath Ondren, while he continues his search for the source of corruption in the region.

2. Glamír is near the Grimwater, west of Talath Ondren and north-east of Gondamon.

You should return to Glamír and see if he has made any progress in his search.


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