Weatherfoot is at the south-western edges of Amon Sul, an ancient watch-post now surrounded on all sides by goblin war parties. This ancient watch-post used to be part of the ancient string of defenses that ran through the Lone Lands known as the Necklace of Stone Which was made up of many different forts that helped to protect the peoples of the Lone Lands from the brigands that used to run the region
Weatherfoot hills

A view of Weathertop from the hills around the Weatherfoot area.

. Weatherfoot mainly served as a supply depot for the larger fortresses in the string of forts, the defenses have been long destroyed by the forces of Angmar. Goblins call this area home now and travelers should be wary of pitching a camp for the night.

Deed: Weathertop Exploration

Weather Hills: 31.9S, 38.6W Located in Lone Lands


Quests involving Weatherfoot Edit

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