Level: 34

Difficulty: Group

Location: Esteldin

Start: Hithlim

Bestowal Dialogue:
'The Orcs of Dol Dínen have weapons greater than their siege-engines. We have learned that there are some among them who have dabbled in fell sorcery.

'We know that there have been Orcs, unseen by any Ranger before, keeping watch beyond the siege-engines, deep within the encampment, and they are not great in number. If these are the sorcerers that we have heard of, they must be destroyed.

'Do not attempt this task alone, Stip. Take allies if you intend to engage these foul creatures.'

A great host of Orcs spilled through Ram Dúath, driving the Men of the North Downs from their farms. Esteldín, home of the few remaining Dúnedain of the North, was spared discovery. It is from there that the Rangers begin to plan their counter-offensive against the black tide of Angmar.

1. Ongbúrz Bone-speakers can be found in the deepest reaches of Dol Dínen, beyond the siege-engines, south-east of Esteldín.

The Rangers of Esteldín discovered that there are sorcerers among the Orcs of Dol Dínen, and Hithlim has asked you to seek them out and destroy them. He warned you to take allies.

2. Hithlim awaits your return at Esteldín.

You should return to Hithlim with news of your victory against the Orc-sorcerers of Dol Dínen.



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Hithlim's Kite Shield


The Bone-Speakers are scattered around Hisuk

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