Tyrn Lhuig


Bestowal Dialogue:
'There is much water in Angmar, but most of it is foul, poisoned, and deadly to drink. Even the rare springs of pure water can sometimes turn foul, when some old poison leeches from the soil.

'Of course, we must know which water is pure and which foul, but it is a deadly game to tell merely by taste. Instead we collect water from various springs and feed it to swamp-fly grubs. These creatures will sicken and die if they are given foul water.

'Banners have been placed at six of the shallow springs of the swamp where once fresh water could be found. Take these water-skins, find the banners, and collect water from the six springs.'

Malenhad has long been a place of poisonous waters and vapours, corrupted by the powers of ancient Angmar during the reign of the Witch-king. There is little of value left there.

Collect water from the six springs marked by banners within the Malenhad.

Objective 1:
Collect water from the springs marked with banners [6]
There are banners placed near springs throughout the western half of Malenhad.

Murdaigán has asked you to locate the banners placed near springs believed to bear fresh water and to fill several water skins.

Objective 2
Take the water samples back to Murdaigan.
Murdaigán is back at the hunters' camp in the south-west corner of the swamp.

Having collected several water samples, you should bring them back to Murdaigán.

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22s 40c
Mallorn Leaf



Spring locations. Look for a banner.

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