Level: 23

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Amon Raith, North Downs

Start: William Peake

Bestowal Dialogue:
'That Ranger insists that we stay here until the danger has passed. Until it has passed! We don't even know what brought the Wargs to Annúndir in the first place...who's to say they will leave?

'I've a thought though, friend. North of my farm there's a cliff called Amlaith's Scar. North of that there are some burial mounds. Now it's said something evil was buried in the greatest of the mounds there; the mound they call Haudh Eglan. I'll wager if something stirred up those Wargs, it's there. Climb to the top of the mound and look for anything strange.

'It could be that you'll discover why the Wargs have come, and if not...well, I'm sure you'll give them ample reason to leave, won't you? Before you depart, be certain to speak with my wife and Nathan Hodges. They wish to employ your aid as well.'

William Peake has grown restless of hiding at Amon Raith, while the Wargs have free reign of his farm, and wants to learn what has brought the creatures to the region.

1. Haudh Eglan lies north of a cliff called "Amlaith's Scar," which likewise lies north of William Peake's Farm.

William Peake asked you to search for signs of why the Wargs have come to Annúndir. He thinks that there is something in the greatest of those mounds, called Haudh Eglan, that is stirring the Wargs up.

2. William Peake is at Amon Raith, south and west of Haudh Eglan and Amlaith's Scar.

William Peake is waiting to hear what you discovered among the Wargs that drove him from his land.



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