Level: 10

Difficulty: Duo

Location: Stock outskirts

Start: Farmer Maggot

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Ah, I see it now. That hobbit-lass, Violet, probably went off to see those ruffians on her own. I never thought to warn her properly what might happen, I just figured she'd have the hobbit-sense to head back to Stock with the news so Mat Harfoot, and maybe the Bounders could do something about them.

'The camp of strangers -- brigands and thieves most likely -- is not far to the west of here. Ford the stream at the head of the waterfall.

'It's no good waiting for the Shirriffs to do something now. You'd better hurry out there and look around. I only hope she ain't been harmed!'

Farmer Maggot informed you that Violet Underhill, the missing member of Mat Harfoot's "Vigilance Committee", did stop by. He thinks she may have gone to investigate a camp of ruffians.

1. The ruffians' camp is west of Bamfurlong. You must ford a stream at the top of a waterfall to enter the camp, which is set on the heights at Narrowcleeve.

Farmer Maggot suggested you search the camp he told Violet about, just in case she went there alone.

2. Violet Underhill is being held in a closed cart.

Violet Underhill, against Farmer Maggot's warning, went to confront a camp of ruffians by herself. Now it is up to you to rescue her.

3. Mat Harfoot can be found in Stock, outside The Golden Perch Inn.

You should return to Stock and inform Mat Harfoot of Violet's release.


Be *very* quick about killing the brigands, moving up, and getting to Violet to continue her quest. Otherwise you'll have a rough time going back down the mountain and killing the adds/repops, as she doesn't have much health.

Related Quests:


2 Lesser Celebrant Salve AND 3 Roast Pork


Cross the water at the top of the smaller waterfall south of Woodhall, NOT the big one way up the river



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