Level: 25

Difficulty: Group

Location: Trestlebridge

Start: Captain Trotter

Bestowal Dialogue:
'I wonder...I wonder if a "defiler" is behind this! Hrm, a defiler? Oh, it's a breed of Orc that some stories are told about. Supposedly they are masters of vile poisons and diseases, defiling all that they touch.

'It is strange, though...I thought these defilers were just a myth. We've never seen one here before; most of the Orcs that attack us are just violent brutes, attacking without thought.

'If there is a defiler out there, it means more trouble for us. Please, find this beast and slay it! If the defiler is anywhere, it'll be somewhere in the Nan Wathren, which lies east of town. Look for foul patches of water there, that will probably be a sign of his presence.'

Captain Trotter explained to you that the dried gourd you found was made by a "defiler," an Orc that relishes in poison and disease. He asked that you slay the creature, before it can spread any of its vile poisons into Trestlebridge.

1. The Tarkrîp Defiler should be found somewhere in Nan Wathren, east of Trestlebridge.

Captain Trotter has asked you to hunt down and defeat the Tarkrîp-defiler. He suggested looking for the Orc near foul patches of water.

2. Captain Trotter can be found in Trestlebridge.

In Nan Wathren, you discovered the hiding place of the Tarkrîp-defiler and slew the Orc. You should tell Captain Trotter of your victory.



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