• RadoGamer

    New to LOTRO Wiki

    June 4, 2011 by RadoGamer

    Well it was nice to find this Wiki, I accidently fell upon it while doing a search for something entirely different. It seems quite timely as I have been very engrossed in LOTRO for a while now. I mostly play at night as that is the only time I have to do so. Life on the outside is quite tedious and time does not allow for it. I originally started my LOTRO account when my computer was not up to snuff for the graphics so I stopped for a while, Recently I built a quad core with an updated graphics card and when I returned to LOTRO, Middle Earth came alive. Needless to say I hope that I can contribute to the WIKI as I find myself very happy to be part of the LOTRO community. I recently reacherd level 20 as a Guardian and have completed my ski…

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