Level: 06

Difficulty: Solo


Start:Constable Sageford

Bestowal Dialogue:
'The Blackwold brigands are on the run, no question about it. They're trying to regroup at camps throughout the Chetwood, but they suffered a real defeat at Archet.

'The brigands fled their old encampment up by Archet carrying a large lockbox, bringing it to one of their smaller camps in the Chetwood, north-east of Combe. If we can get our hands on that lockbox, its contents could be used to help those who lost property to the Blackwolds. There are a number of watchfires along the road, so you'll need to find the right one.

'These villains have a great many debts to repay, (player). If you can return with the lockbox, the folk around here will be better for it.'

Now that the Blackwold brigands have been largely pushed out of Archet, Constable Sageford wants to redistribute their stolen goods to those who suffered at their hands.

The Blackwolds have many camps along the road east and north of Combe. Constable Sageford is in Combe.

Constable Sageford wants you to recover a brigand lockbox from one of the watchfires in the Chetwood. Its contents can then be used to reimburse those who lost property to the Blackwold.

The image below is just a rough location. There are quite a few fireside camps in the forest near the noted location. You should be able to see your glowing lockbox before you engage the group.

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