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Bestowal Dialogue:
'We might be close to dealing the goblins a decisive blow, (Player). The only thing keeping them from fighting amongst themselves are their loyalty to the two chieftains that are rumoured to lead them: Gurzstâz and Gurzrum.

'If you were to slay these two chieftains, I think the goblins would fall to squabbling among themselves. Such squabbling will leave them unable to mount an attack on Staddle.

'The two chieftains will be fairly close together somewhere in the Goblinhole Ruins so that each of them can keep an eye on the other. You may need to gather help...those chieftains will be the strongest of the lot!'

Watcher Redweed believes that you are close to dealing the goblins in the Midgewater Marshes a decisive blow.

1. The two chieftains, Gurzstâz and Gurzrum, are likely to be found in the Goblinhole Ruins in the southern stretch of the Midgewater Marshes.

Watcher Redweed believes that slaying the goblin-chieftains will drive the rest away.

2. Watcher Redweed is in Staddle town centre.

The defeat of the goblin-chieftains in the Midgewater Marshes should be a great relief to Watcher Redweed.


This will be tough to solo, unless you're significantly higher level than the quest. If you're near the quest level, bring two other friends. The bosses aren't too hard - it's the adds and repops.

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Gurz Bane

Gurstazs Doom OR Gurzrums Demise

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