Level: 10

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Brockenborings

Start: Halros

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Two goblin encampments...I cannot understand what would bring goblins to the Shire after so long and in such numbers. Bounder Primstone must be warned of the grave threat these goblins pose.

'Go to the Watch-house in Brockenborings and give him these tidings. Just head back along the wall and to the west. His town will be the first to fall if the goblins attack, so he deserves as much warning as we have to give.

'Warn him to be wary, however, not to wag his tongue too much. It would do more harm than good to panic these people.'

With the aid of Halros the Ranger, you have discovered two goblin encampments in the Greenfields. Rumours continue to spread throughout the Shire, and it seems there might be much danger ahead for the peaceful land.

1. Bounder Primstone is inside the watch house in Brockenborings.

With your help, Ranger Halros has learned that the goblins have two camps north of the Greenfields and that their leader is receiving orders from a mysterious figure who is not a goblin. He has asked you to warn Bounder Primstone of this threat at once.

2. Wilcome Tunnelly is at the quarry in Scary, down the road east of Brockenborings.

Bounder Primstone is unhappy enough with the discovery of the goblins, but to add to his troubles, he also heard that a skull was uncovered at the quarry in Scary and is worried about talk of it being Golfimbul's head spreading to other towns in the Shire. He has asked you to find out what is going on from Wilcome Tunnelly.



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Wilcome Tunnelly



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