Level: 24

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'So good of you to assist us! Several of our guards reported a great commotion during the night. A sound like thunder, with naught a cloud in the sky. So unusual! It's best that you get the whole story from Aggy Digweed. I would go myself but these orc raids are keeping me quite busy.

'Aggy guards the north side of the Trestlespan. In fact, she should be on duty right now. I'm sure it's nothing serious but you can never be too cautious in these dark times.'

Reynard Trotter is concerned about recent developments in the area. The guards reported hearing a terrible noise during the night. Aggy Digweed, one of the guards, wanted to speak to someone about the event.

Travel to the far side of the Trestlespan and speak with Aggy. Captain Trotter said she'd have more information for you.

Aggy Digweed is to the north of the Trestlespan

Captain Trotter suggests that Aggy Digweed can shed more light on recent events.



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Aggy Digweed

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