Level: 20

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Trestlebridge


Bestowal Dialogue:
'I thank you for all you've done for us. Without your help this town would be a smouldering ruin and all of us would be killed or captured by the Orcs.

'There's a settlement to the south-east called Ost Guruth. A brave elder called Frideric and his people, the Eglain make it their home. They too know the horrors of the Orcs.

'If you are able to help them as you did us, Frideric would reward you. Find him and wish him well from the good folk of Trestlebridge'

Frideric the Elder tribesman of the Eglain is under threat of attack by the Orc hordes.

Head down the Greenway from Trestlebridge and then east along the east-west road.

Go to Ost Guruth and talk to Frideric the Elder.

This is a very long journey. Head back down through the Bree Lands towards The Forsaken Inn in the Lone Lands. Keep going past The Forsaken Inn, past Weathertop and finally to Ost Guruth.


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