Barachen's Camp


Bestowal Dialogue:
'Our dwarf-friend here has requested my assistance with a matter of some urgency, and we should do what we can to help him. He was part of a company of dwarves that was commanded to bring certain relics from Thorin's Hall to the dwarf Gloin, currently staying in Rivendell.

'Heithur Ironfist travelled ahead to notify his lord that the dwarves would soon arrive, but after the passage of some days, he grew worried. The company never arrived at Rivendell, and Heithur has now come back along the road seeking them.

'There are many boars to the west, and I fear that the dwarves may have been beset by the creatures and overwhelmed. The fury of creatures in the Trollshaws is often underestimated by those from afar. Defeat some of the boars and look for any sign of the missing dwarves.'

The Elf Barachen and his friends have been told to scout the South Trollshaws for signs of evil and have learned that a company of dwarves bound for the area may have fallen to misfortune.

Defeat Boars in the South Trollshaws and search for the missing dwarves.

Objective 1
Defeat boars []
Boars can be found in the South Trollshaws, west of Barachen's camp.

Barachen asked you to search for the missing dwarves among the boars to the west of his camp. If the dwarves fell afoul of the creatures, some sign may still remain.

Objective 2
Return to Barachen
Barachen is at his camp in the South Trollshaws, south of the road and in the shadow of tall cliffs.

Barachen is waiting to hear whether you found any sign of the missing dwarves among the boars of the Trollshaws.

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