Level: 12

Difficulty: Group



Bestowal Dialogue:
'Rumour of Avorthal's capture have come to me. Mathi's fears have merit. The Elves of Duillond remember the treachery of Skorgrím Dourhand six-hundred years ago and do not easily recognize the difference between dwarves. The short reign of Thráin and his son Thorin in Ered Luin was marked by a grudging peace only because their folk kept to themselves and did not trouble the Elves.

'Very well. I will help you to rescue Avorthal and hopefully avert a war. In these darkening times, strife between the enemies of Mordor can only serve to aid the Dark Lord.

'This rescue will not be easy. Gather allies and return to me when you are ready to depart for the Dourhand camp.'

Langlas has formed a plan to rescue Avorthal from the Dourhand camp and is ready to carry it out.

1. Langlas is at the hunter's lodge, east of Gondamon.

Langlas told you to return to him after you had gathered allies to assist in the raid on the Dourhand camp.

2. Langlas is at the hunter's lodge, east of Gondamon.

Though you and Langlas fought to the heart of the Dourhand encampment, you learned that Avorthal had already been moved. Now you and Langlas must devise another plan.


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Rescue by Moonlight


Langlas' Leggings, Daeronn, OR Gollolf

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Langlas is at Thrasi's Lodge


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