Level: 16

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Thornley's Farm in Breeland

Start: Rose Thornley

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Robb is resting now and recovering nicely, thanks to you, but he asks another favour of you.

'He said he can't sleep, thinking about those accursed Orcs what ambushed him up the Greenway. When he was captured, he said a giant Orc came over to torment him from a camp to the west of the place he was being held, the one behind a wooden stockade. He says the other Orcs called this monster the Red Reaver. Robb says he must have his revenge on the Red Reaver and will be glad to give you what coins he can spare if you can put him to heel.

'Now, I can't say as I like all this bloodshed, and it sounds right dangerous to me, but if you'll show that horrible monster who tortured Robb a thing or two, I guess you surely do deserve a reward.'

You rescued Robb Thornley from the Orcs, battered and beaten, but he is not satisfied with rescue. He wants retribution.


Rewards: 2Silver 44Cupper

Red Reaver's Doom
Red reavers doom

Thornley's Revenge
Thornleys revenge

Red Reaver

Red Reaver

Rose Thornley

Rose Thornley

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