Level: 15

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'You there, I have heard of your deeds about town. I am in need of a Elf of honour, like yourself.

'I made an error in judgement recently that leaves me in a difficult position. I collect rare finds from the ruins of Arnor and in an effort to save coin, I employed a man from the South. The man, using my name, now owes a great deal of coin to the proprietor of The Forsaken Inn.

'If you are willing, take this letter to Anlaf the Forlorn at the Forsaken Inn before word reaches the guilds here in Bree-town. It lies eastward along the Great East Road. I'll not allow one indiscretion ruin my good name.'

Thomas Thistlewool received a letter from Anlaf the Forlorn at The Forsaken Inn, mentioning money owed and a man he employed to collect some artifacts from the area.

Anlaf the Forlorn can be found at The Forsaken Inn, eastward along the Great East Road.

Thomas Thistlewool has asked you to deliver a letter to Anlaf the Forlorn, the proprietor of The Forsaken Inn, promising payment for a debt incurred by a man he hired to seek ancient relics for him.

Follow the road south out of Bree to the Lone Lands. The Forsaken Inn will not be far from the map change. The road runs right past it.


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Thistlewool's Shoes


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