Level: 07

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Waymeet

Start: Dora Brownlock

Bestowal Dialogue:
'There's been rumour of a scarred, old wolf spotted away from the rest of the pack -- in fact, across the road from the wolf-den north of my farm. I don't know what might have happened, but I think it's fair to say that this old wolf must be their leader, exiled for some reason.

'Now, I think I've done something terribly foolish, Orcbait! My neighbour, Jolly Smallburrow, is a true gentlehobbit, and I suspect he's something of an admirer of mine. Unfortunately, I mentioned this wolf business to him, and he swore to take care of it!

'If you don't mind, would you please find Jolly before the wolf does? I'll feel terrible if something happens to him!'

Dora Brownlock thinks an admirer of hers has gone to try and kill the exiled leader of the wolves near Waymeet.

1. Jolly Smallburrow may be after the wolf that was seen across the road from the wolf-den, north of Dora Brownlock's farm.

Dora Brownlock is worried that her neighbour, Jolly Smallburrow, may be in trouble and has asked you to find him.

2. Dora Brownlock is at the centre of Waymeet.

Dora will be pleased to know that you have rescued Jolly Smallburrow and defeated the scarred leader of the wolves that have been harassing her farm and town.


This is another buggy spawn. Make sure you wait enough time after another person has finished their quest before talking to Jolly. Otherwise you'll get Jolly's dialog, but he won't spawn the wolf.

Related Quests:


Brownlock's Blade OR Jolly's Defender


The wolf doesn't spawn until you talk to Jolly

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