Tyrn Lhuig


Bestowal Dialogue:
'There are many strange beasts in this swamp. Vile creatures abound in this place -- perhaps the evil air fosters their growth -- but even the vilest of vermin has its use.

'The flesh of the loathsome swamp leeches can be used by our healers to prepare medicines. Swamp-fly wings are light, flexible, and tough and can be used for many crafting tasks. Nerbeglir are little more than monstrous crickets, but for all their odd appearance, their legs make a tasty meal when roasted.

'Hunt these verminous beasts, and I will pay well for these trophies. You can find these creatures scattered throughout this part of the swamp.'

Malenhad, the vile brimstone swamp of Angmar, is rife with vile and disgusting creatures, but even the strangest of these creatures has its uses to the Hillmen of Angmar.

Collect swamp leech flesh, Swamp-fly wings and Nerbeglir legs to aid the hunters of Tyrn Lhuig.

Collect Leech-flesh []
Collect Swamp-fly wings []
Collect Norboglir-legs[]
Huge nerbeglir, leeches, and swamp-flies can be found throughout the swamp near the hunters' camp.

Othran has asked you to collect norboglir-legs, leech-flesh, and swamp-fly wings, which his people use to their benefit.

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