Level: 32

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Evendim

Start: Culang

Bestowal Dialogue:
'I have come into possession of a riddle, Stip, that may lead the way to buried treasure. A Dúnadan-landholder buried something somewhere in Evendim, fearful that it might be taken by the Witch-king's forces if Fornost fell. It seems that the landholder's line was extinguished in the battle, his lands abandoned. But I believe that his treasure remains unfound.

'Here is the riddle, Stip, the only directions I have found, and those not easy to come by:

"Two roads pass through green fields.
Four kings watch the meeting of the ways."

'I do not know where this might be, but there is a crossroads east of Tinnudir. Perhaps this riddle speaks of the crossroads of Canadiach?'

The Ranger Culang has learned of a great treasure buried long ago by a Dúnadan-landholder and wants it recovered before it is found by tomb-robbers.

A stone marker in Evendim may hide treasure. Culang told you this riddle, which may hold a clue to the marker's location:

"Two roads pass through green fields.
Four kings watch the meeting of the ways."

You should examine the marker when you find it for some clue to the location of the treasure.



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The first riddle stone

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