Level: 05

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Michel Delving

Start: Rollo Newbuck

Bestowal Dialogue:
'This is serious, name. I thought I was only playing Hiders and Seekers with Polo and Daisy, but it sounds like they talked to Odo Pipes and convinced him to play as well. You'd think they might have mentioned that to me!

'At any rate, Odo has a reputation for being the best Hider in all the Shire -- at least as good as old Bilbo was in his day, or so it's said among folk in The Bird and Baby. I don't know if it's true, but I do know that, unlike Daisy and Polo, Odo Pipes is sure to have a capital hiding-place, the very best!

'I'll have more coins for you if you can find him, Orcbait. He'll be hiding somewhere in Michel Delving, so don't wander too far. You might want to talk to Polo and Daisy again -- they might be able to tell you where he could be hiding.'

Rollo Newbuck has learned that Odo Pipes is also playing Hiders and Seekers, but Rollo doesn't know where the hobbit is hiding.

1. Odo Pipes is hiding somewhere in Michel Delving.

Rollo Newbuck has sent you to find Odo Pipes, rumoured to be the best Hider in the Shire. Odo is hiding somewhere in Michel Delving. Rollo thinks that Daisy or Polo, in their usual hiding-places, might have some clue to Odo's location.

2. Rollo Newbuck is east of The Bird and Baby Inn, within the stone wall around Town Hole.

Rollo is waiting to hear that you have found Odo Pipes and his hiding-place.

Odo Pipes is on the roof of The Bird and Baby Inn.


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Odo Pipes


Rollo Newbuck

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