Bestowal Dialogue:
'The increasing number of goblins in the Midgewater Marshes troubles me, true, but I am even more concerned about the weapons some of them appear to be wielding. Swords and axes are bad enough, but the strange oil some of these goblins carry have the potential to do much greater damage.

'I am not thinking only of the farms and crops of Staddle, though the threat of fire to food and pipe-weed is immense. I am thinking of the Little Folk. This is a threat beyond them, I think.

'The more of those fire-wielding goblins we can defeat in the Marshes, the fewer we may have to contend with here on dry land. I need you to deal with them, and quickly.'

The burning oil carried by the goblin-sappers that have crept into the Midgewater Marshes are particularly worrisome to Watcher Redweed, charged with the defence of Staddle

1. Goblin Sappers have infiltrated the southern expanse of the Midgewater Marshes.

Watcher Redweed has tasked you with defeating the Midgewater Sappers before they can bring their deadly burning oil to Staddle.

2. Watcher Redweed is in Staddle town centre.

News of your success against the goblin-sappers should relieve Watcher Redweed of some of his worries

There are only a few Sappers at the Sunken Stones. Kill those and head to the Goblinhole Ruins. You should be able to complete the quest there.

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Sunken Stones


Goblinhole Ruins

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