Bestowal Dialogue:
'I'm not sure yet how that second gear fits into this contraption, but that is not your concern. I need you to get out there and find that third gear.

'The third missing gear was placed in a chest hidden amongst some of the old barrows of the Edain in Haudh Lin, north-east of Gondamon. I'm not sure exactly where it is, but it's said to be atop one of the larger mounds or hills.

'Be wary, though! I've heard rumour that barrow-wights roam those lands.'

Bávor is an artificer tasked with repairing the great lock which opens access to the fabled Vault of the Mountain.

The third gear is in a chest atop a barrow-mound or hill in Haudh Lin, north-east of Gondamon.

Bávor has asked you to recover the third missing gear for the Vault of the Mountain. He warned you of rumours regarding the presence of barrow-wights amongst the old mounds.

Enter the Wight house from the North. As you do, the Third Gear will be a little bit to your right.

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Bavor's Boots OR Turchathol

Data Entered By: Stip


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