Level: 34

Difficulty: Group

Location: Barachen's Camp

Start: Heithur Ironfist

Bestowal Dialogue:
'My dwarves may be lost now, but the stones they were escorting can be recovered from whomever or whatever has stolen them. This we must do, (player name).

'Barachen dispatched an Elf named Rochwen to the road north of here, and she seems to know much about this region. She is sure to know what evil dwells in the area that could have caused my dwarves to come to such an unhappy end. Speaking with her about this may be the first step in recovering the stolen stones!

'Bring allies with you. Any foe that could best my dwarves will surely be too much for you alone, (player name). I do not mean to offend, of course.'

The dwarves of Heithur Ironfist's company have fallen upon some misfortune near the Last Bridge, and the stones they were transporting to Glóin in Rivendell were lost.


Objective 1
Speak with Rochwen
Rochwen is along the road, north of Barachen's camp in the South Trollshaws.

Heithur Ironfist has asked you to speak with Rochwen about what threats could have overtaken his dwarf-company by the Last Bridge.

Objective 2
Investigate Ost Durgonn. Cave-claws infest the ruins of Ost Dúrgonn north-east of the Last Bridge.

Rochwen believes that the cave-claws of Ost Dúrgonn could not have defeated a company of dwarves, but that they may have played some role in the defeat of Heithur's couriers.

Objective 3
Protect Toki Whitebeard
Kill the cave claws.

Objective 4
Speak with Heither Ironfist
Heithur Ironfist is at Barachen's camp, east of the Last Bridge and south of the road, on a sloping hill in the shadow of tall cliffs.

You have learned from Tóki Whitebeard that the stones his company was transporting have been stolen by trolls, apparently aided by the monstrous cave-claw you defeated.

Related Quests:

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