Level: 25

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Trestlebridge

Start: Dallin Endholder

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Listen, I need help! A friend of mine, a girl named Idalene, has gone missing, and I'm afraid something terrible has happened to her!

'She told me she was having some strange dreams. Dreams of a friend, perhaps a sister lost out in the fields of Fornost. But Idalene never had a sister, and no one from town would be so foolish as to wander the cursed land at Deadmen's Dike. I guess she had the dream more than once, and it seemed to be distressing her, but I couldn't calm her no matter how much I tried.

'Now she's gone missing, and I don't know what to do. One thing I can think of is this: North of here there's a man called Colbert. I think he has a camp overlooking the Greenway. He says he's a merchant, but I don't know what he sells, or to whom. But he talks about Fornost sometimes, so maybe he knows those lands. Please find his camp and ask him if he's heard anything of Idalene.'

Dallin Endholder is concerned about his friend Idalene. She has gone missing after telling him about dreams she had that called her to the fields of Fornost.

Colbert's camp is north of Trestlebridge, overlooking the Greenway.

Dallin Endholder has sent you to a strange man named Colbert in hopes that he will be able to tell you something of Idalene.



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