Level: 36

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Rivendell

Start: Lindir

Bestowal Dialogue:
'You have proven yourself an expert riddle-solver. Bilbo and I have of late been contemplating a riddle of the most interesting sort -- one for which no answer is yet known. This riddle seems to bear on the lineage of the House of Elrond itself and may be of great import if it is solved.

'For once we cannot say for sure that the answer truly lies in Imladris, but it is certain that the riddle is concerned with Rivendell more than with any other place.

'Bilbo can tell you more, but I think for the full story of this riddle you will have to speak to others as well.'

A final riddle that bears on Elrond's House in Rivendell is yet to be solved.

1. Bilbo is standing with Lindir in the Hall of Fire.

Bilbo will tell you the unsolved riddle.

2. Elrond is in the library of Imladris.

Bilbo thinks Elrond may know more about the riddle.

The jewel of the moon,
Enshrined in the water,
From mother to daughter
Is given a boon.

Ships sail to the west,
Forgetting all sorrow,
Landfall on the morrow,
The isles of the blest.

3. Glorfindel is outside the house of Elrond, by the waterfall.

Elrond has directed you to speak to Glorfindel about the riddle.

To find Elrond, go back to the main hall, go up two flights of stairs, and take the doorway to Elronds Library to your left.


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  1. The Riddle-Game
  2. The Riddle-Maker
  3. The Riddle-Finder
  4. The Riddle-Seeker
  5. The Riddle-Master



Glorfindel is outside the Last Homely House near the river.

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