Level: 36

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Rivendell

Start: Bilbo

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Hello there, friend Elf. I wonder if you can help out an old hobbit who is not as spry as he used to be? Lindir and I are playing a friendly riddle-game. Here is his latest:

'I often hold your hand, But I have no hands wherewith to hold. I often sleep in summer, But I do my best when it grows cold. I often lose my mate, But I feel no sorrow, if truth be told.

'If truth be told, I'm quite stumped! Speak to Lindir about it -- it could be he has forgotten an important line or two.'

Bilbo has asked you to help out in a riddle-game he is playing with Lindir.

1. Lindir is standing with Bilbo in the Hall of Fire.

Bilbo has asked you to speak with Lindir about the riddle he asked the old hobbit.

2. The answer to Lindir's riddle lies somewhere in Imladris.

Lindir is waiting for you to bring him whatever thing is the answer to his riddle.



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You're searching for gloves located near the stable