Level: 07

Difficulty: Solo


Start:Ted Pickthorn

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Maybe the woodcutters at the lumber camp up east of here remember which tree was the Hanging Tree! (Player), you've got to have a word with Mason Thorne, the man in charge there. He just has to remember which o' the stumps used to be the Hanging Tree. He just has to!

'The lumber camp is along the road, north o' the Big House. Please, I need that money to make a new start for meself.'

Ted Pickthorn was greatly distressed when you told him the Hanging Tree and all the trees surrounding it had been chopped down.

1. Mason Thorne is at the lumber camp, north and east of the guard-house.

Ted Pickthorn asked you to speak with Mason Thorne, the foreman at the Combe lumber camp. He may recall which tree had been the hanging tree.

2. Mason Thorne awaits you at the lumber camp that lies east and north of Combe, south of the Chetwood.

Thorne sent you to retrieve his ledger from the Blackwold brigands encamped along the road. You should return the ledger to him at once.


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Combe Lumber Camp, With Mason Thorne


The lockbox is located along the road

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