Level: 10

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Michel Delving

Start: Ned Diggins

Bestowal Dialogue:
You've got to help me, <name>! While my wife was out, I went and ate the pie crust she had baked...I couldn't help myself! I know that if I had waited, it would be filled with some delicious filling and be even better, but I've always been partial to the way my wife bakes the crust.

'Do you know any cooks? I need a replacement pie crust, and fast! If my wife gets back and sees the crust missing, why...she might not make another!

'I'll give you some coins and, and... half a dozen eggs if you can do this for me, <name> -- now, quickly! Go get me a pie crust! I might have some other things lying about that I can give you as well!

Ned Diggins has gone and eaten the pie crust his wife was planning on filling with delicious pie, and now he needs a replacement in a hurry!

Collect Pie Crust Ned Diggins is in Michel Delving.

Ned Diggins is waiting for you to return with a pie crust he can use to replace the one he ate, before his wife discovers it missing.

Get a cook to make a pie crust for you, or try to buy one at the Auction House.

Better get 2 pie crusts as Ned will immediately ask for another in the next quest.

Related Quests:

1s 70c AND 6 Chicken Egg

1 Amethyst OR 2 Boiled Light Leather


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