Tasgalls Camp


Bestowal Dialogue:
'These hill-beasts are growing more and more dangerous. We have heard that their leader is a matriarch of their kind, secretive and cunning, who in turn serves the drakes. If we can lure out this beast-mother and defeat her, the other hill-beasts may be cowed or routed.

'We know that these beasts greatly prize roasted crawler-flesh. I would ask you first to hunt crawlers in the area, bring their flesh back to me to be roasted, and then take the meat out to the hill-beast lairs where we may draw out this mother of the beasts.

'Beware though -- while the crawlers are no great threat, the matriarch may be a foe beyond the power of any lone warrior to overcome.'

The strange hill-beasts have become a serious problem of late. It seems that they are ruled by a secretive matriarch who serves the drakes. If she can be defeated, perhaps the threat of the hill-beasts will fade.


Objective 1
Collect crawler flesh[X]
Crawlers can be found in the general area not far north of Aughaire.

Hunt crawlers for their flesh and bring it back to Tasgall to be roasted.

Objective 2
Talk to Tasgall
Tasgall has roasted the crawlers you brought him. You can return to him to learn the next step in his plan to defeat the Beast-mother.

Objective 3
Place the roasted crawler-flesh in the hill-beast lair on the rock.
The rock in the hill-beast lair is at the entrance to the valley, not far north of Aughaire.

Tasgall has given you some roasted crawler-flesh, which you should bring to a certain rock in the lairs of the hill-beasts.

Objective 4
Kill the beast mother

Objective 5
Return to Tasgall
Having successfully defeated the Beast-mother, you should return to Tasgall's camp and speak with him.

Objective 6
Protect Tasgall from the Beast-lord

Objective 7
Speak with Tasgall
You have defeated the vengeful Beast-lord and saved Tasgall's life. Speak with him.

Related Quests:
Strange Beasts

35s 84c

Selectable Rewards:


Use the great stone here to summon her. Move to the back of the cave to avoid adds


After talking to Tasgall, you have to fight the beast lord

Winter Cloak

Winter Cloak



Taraghlan's Greatsword

Taraghlan's Greatsword

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