Level: 08

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Michel Delving

Start: Brombard Foxtail

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Ah, yes, good day to you. I was wondering if you could do me a favour?

'I have just received word that Adelard Took has found a copy of the original writ penned by the old King. This writ granted the Fallohide brothers, Marcho and Blanco, the lands that became the Shire. It is a most exceptional find! True, I already have a copy of the document, but it is in very poor shape. If this copy is in better condition, it would be a marvelous addition to the Mathom-house!

'Would you go to Tookland and speak to Adelard about this find? I believe you can find him in the Great Smials in Tuckborough.'

Adelard Took has sent word that a copy of the Founding Writ, the document that established the Bounds of the Shire, has been discovered. The original document was given to the Fallohide brothers, Marcho and Blanco, by the old King.

1. Adelard Took can be found in the Great Smials in Tuckborough.

Brombard Foxtail, the Keeper of the Mathom-house heard rumour of Adelard Took's find and asked you to try and obtain the copy of the Founding Writ from Adelard.

2. Belco Brockhouse can be found north of Tuckborough town centre, up the hill and on the right of the path.

To his embarassment, Adelard Took revealed that he doesn't have the Founding Writ. A local farmer, Belco Brockhouse, is the one who found the Writ, but he refuses to hand it over to Adelard until someone helps him around his farm.



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Adelard Took is inside the Great Smials


Belco Brockhouse

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