Level: 14

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Thorin's Halls

Start: Bavor

Bestowal Dialogue:
'This wretched gear won't fit. I'm guessing the fifth gear goes here, and the fourth atop it. Blast! Such art is lost, yet I must make it work! Ah well, I am keeping you from your labours with my complaining.

'The fifth missing gear was placed in a chest hidden in the woods in eastern Haudh Lin, north and east of Kheledûl. However, a brood of vicious spiders have made the place their lair.

'It will be a challenge to find the chest without running afoul of the vile creatures.'

Bávor is an artificer tasked with repairing the great lock which opens access to the fabled Vault of the Mountain.

The fifth gear is in a chest in a spider lair north and east of Kheledûl in eastern Haudh Lin.

Bávor has asked you to recover the fifth and final gear from a terrible spider-lair.

This is located in the same general area as Bersi. As you run into the spider area, you'll see a pool of stagnant water. The chest is in the back of that water.


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