Level: 13

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'Celairant bears the blood of the Rangers of the North, and the name of a great hero is amongst his forebears, a Man I was proud to call my friend and companion. Perhaps Celairant is young as Men count the years, but then all Men are young by my count.

'In ages past, I honoured my fallen companion with a sword placed at his grave amongst the mounds of the Edain. It may be that the sword can yet be found in that place. It bears the motto Elvellon, or Elf-friend in the tongue of Men. Perhaps if you find the sword, that will convince young Celairant not to spurn my gift.'

After allowing Starkath to take the bow from him, Celairant is now certain that he is not worthy of the Elvish weapon.

The sword Elvellon can be found at a grave marker amongst the mounds of the Edain, north-east of Gondamon. Celairant is at the hunter's lodge, west of Kheledûl.

Penglir has asked you to retrieve a sword which he placed by his companion's grave long ago and take it to Celairant.

The sword is located on an altar at the southernmost Wight Mound.

Related Quests:


Celairant's Sword OR Celairant's Mace OR Bregaith

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The sword is located on an altar at the southernmost Wight Mound.


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