Difficulty: Solo


Bestowal Dialogue:
'If wights stir the bones of the ancient Edain, then an evil has arisen in these mountains which we should all fear. The fell spirits that stir the bones of the Dead are servants of Angmar, of the Witch-king of old, and of the Shadow in the East. I must ask you to seek out this evil and put whatever end you may to it before its darkness spreads.

'Take this Elf-stone to Glamir. He dwells now in the ruins to the north-east of Gondamon at the southern end of the Grimwater.'

After you found a wight skull in the mounds, Nithi advised that you take it to the Elf, Gailthin.

Glamir dwells at the ruins north-east of Gondamon, at the southern end of the Grimwater.

Gailthin gave you an elf-stone and sent you to an Elf named Glamir, who may be able to help you against the wights of Haudh Lin.


Related Quests:
Old Bones

The Standing-Stone


Data Entered By: Stip



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