Level: 08

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Needlehole

Start: Daffodil_Is_Missing

Bestowal Dialogue:
'I've got it! There's a dwarf by the name of Ulfar, with whom I've had some dealings in the past. He might be of some help. I think he's a sort of overseer for the dwarves, or some such.

'In fact, just the other day there was a bit of a tussle between two of his folk, and Ulfar waded in and broke it up. The other dwarves seemed to respect him, so he might know something about his people here that will be of use to us.

'You should be able to find Ulfar up among the dwarf buildings north of Needlehole. Tell him what you told me, and hopefully he'll be able to help us.'

According to Filibert Bolger, his cow, Daffodil, was stolen by a dwarf named Olwir; however, Bounder Chubb hesitates to accuse a dwarf of cow-theft without evidence.

1. Ulfar is at the dwarf buildings north of Needlehole.

In order to avoid angering the dwarves with accusations of theft, Bounder Chubb told you to obtain the aid of the dwarves through their overseer, Ulfar. Chubb believes that Ulfar might be able to point out any potential thieves among his folk.

2. The dwarf-hunters prowl the northern and eastern sections of Rushock Bog. The bog lies to the south-east of Needlehole.

When you told Ulfar the tale of Filibert's cow, and Olwir's involvement, he wasn't surprised. A number of dwarves of low character have been passing through Needlehole lately, and Olwir seemed to be the worst of them. Ulfar has asked you to acquire letters from the dwarf-hunters that he suspects of working for Olwir.



Related Quests:


Ulfar's Hammer OR 3 Pork Sausage


You'll find the dwarves in this general area



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