Level: 07

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'Langlas has indeed done me a great boon by sending this with you. "The Lay of Nimrodel" is a sad story which has bearing upon our plight.

'Please, bring this scroll to Toronn and have him read this passage.' Bregar places a mark beside a stanza and hands you the scroll.

'If this does not make him understand, then we are fated to part.'

Langlas had given you a scroll to bring to Bregar at Duillond. Bregar recognized the poem as the "Lay of Nimrodel" and realized that a passage from the Lay might be enough to convince Toronn to remain in Middle-earth.

Toronn is at Celondim, south of Duillond.

Bregar has asked you to take the scroll to Toronn in the hope that it will convince his brother to remain.


Related Quests:

3 Lesser Essence of Athelas 3 Lesser Celebrant Salve Toronn's Axe or Toronn's Hammer

Data Entered By: Stip


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