Level: 08

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Needlehole

Start: Filibert Bolger

Bestowal Dialogue:
'That Olwir has to pay for stealing my Daffodil and for leaving her out in the bog to be killed like that.

'The dwarves who pass through Needlehole may not pay any mind to ordinary hobbits, but I reckon they'll listen to a Bounder of the Watch! You go tell Bounder Chubb about this, and maybe you two can keep that dwarf from getting away with this!

'Bounder Chubb is on the south side of Needlehole. Tell him about my poor Daffodil and do something about this Olwir!'

While searching Troll's Knoll for Filibert Bolger's cow Daffodil, you came across the poor creature, dead. She was the apparent victim of some sort of large beast. Filibert blames the dwarf, Olwir, for both stealing the cow and leaving her out in the bog.

Bounder Chubb can be found on the south side of Needlehole.

Filibert Bolger, angered by the death of his cow, has asked you to speak with Bounder Chubb about the incident.



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Filibert Bolger


Bounder Chubb

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