Tyrn Lhuig


Bestowal Dialogue:
'So, Southron, you have proved yourself more than worthy to hunt in the brimstone swamp of Malenhad. Perhaps you wish to gain even more glory? There is prey in this swamp that is too dangerous even for we who have hunted these swamps since time out of mind.

'I speak of the dreaded Ancient Ironscale, a monster so deadly that none of my people have ever faced it...and survived to tell the tale of it.

'I think it will be impossible for one southron, however doughty, to defeat such a foe, but even were you able, with companions, to kill this beast, I would be forced to admit you are true hunters and warriors of renown. The Ancient Ironscale is a rare beast, but it can sometimes be found amongst its lesser brethren in the swamp.'

The brimstone swamp of Malenhad is also home to a terrible breed of beast, which the Hillmen call the "Ancient Ironscale".

Defeat the Ancient Ironscale to gain renown amoung the Hillmen.

Objective 1
Find and kill the Ancient Ironscale
The rare Ancient Ironscale can sometimes be found amongst its lesser brethren in Malenhad.

Othran has challenged you and your fellows to slay the dreaded Ancient Ironscale, lord of the fell turtles of Malenhad.

Objective 2 Return to Othran and inform him of your victory.
Othran is at his camp in the western part of Malenhad.

You should return to Othran to tell him the tale of your victory against the dreaded Ancient Ironscale.

Related Quests:
The Value of Vermin

36s 40c



The Ancient Ironscale

Selectable Rewards:

Othran's Hood

Othran's Hood



The Judge's Axe

The Judge's Axe

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