The Supplier sells various items used in crafting.


Zone Town Name
Bree Land Bree Whelan Appledore Town Hall
Bree Land Bree Bonny Thatcher Crafting Hall
Bree Land Buckland Leofric Brandybuck
Ered Luin Gondamon Afast
Evendim Tinnudir Rudbessain
Evendim Ost Forod Farald
North Downs Othrikar Farald
North Downs Trestlebridge Walter Mabbot
The Lone Lands Ost Guruth Galar Deep-Pouches
The Shire Michel Delving Marigold Grubb
Trollshaws Thorenhad Fimgris
Trollshaws Barachen's Camp Barachen


Item Cost Used By
Ball of Twine 2s 40c Woodworker
Chalk 1s 84c Scholar
Chicken Egg 24c Cook
Cooking Supplies 2s 00c Cook
Coal 2s 64c Prospector
Coarse Flour 24c Cook
Dwarf Steel Bolts 6s 16c
Dwarf Steel File 6s 16c
Dwarf Steel Nails 6s 16c
Dwarf Steel Sphere Mould 6s 16c
Dwarf Steel Spike Mould 6s 16c
Dye Salts 1s 84c Scholar
Farming Tools 2s 00c Farmer
Forester’s Axe 2s 00c Forester
Fresh Butter 24c Cook
Glass Phial 1s 84c Scholar
Gut Strings 2s 40c Woodworker
High-Grade Steel Bolts 4s 00c
High-Grade Steel File 4s 00c
High-Grade Nails 4s 00c
High-Grade Sphere Mould 4s 00c
High-Grade Spike Mould 4s 00c
Jeweller’s Tools 2s 00c Jeweller
Kindling Material 1s 60c Woodworker
Lard 24c Cook
Low-Grade Steel Bolts 2s 40c
Low -Grade Steel File 2s 40c
Low -Grade Nails 2s 40c
Low -Grade Sphere Mould 2s 40c
Low -Grade Spike Mould 2s 40c
Mining Pick 2s 00c Prospector
Pork Shank 24c Cook
Runic Striking Symbol 2s 40c
Runic Vanquishing Symbol 2s 40c
Scholar’s Glass 2s 00c Scholar
Smithing Hammer 2s 00c Metalsmith
Tailor’s Tools 2s 00c Tailor
Water 4c Multiple
Wax 24c Forester
Wooden Pegs 2s 40c Woodworker
Woodworking Tools 2s 00c Woodworker

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