Level: 07

Start:Edward Carver


Bestowal Dialogue:
'I look at you, (player), and I see a blank canvas, an uncarved block of wood, an untempered blade, an unread book...any number of things that have the potential for greatness, but are still waiting for that potential to be realized.

'I look around at my home, and I see wreckage, a memory of the comfort that this town once had. It can have that peace and comfort again, (player), if those like you will rise to the challenge! Skilled hands must be kept busy if they are to improve in their craft!

'My brother Roderick stands near the Craft Hall in Combe, south of Archet. From the Combe town centre, take the left path as it climbs up the hill. You'll see my brother part of the way up the hill. Tell him that you wish to learn a crafter's vocation. The towns of Bree-land can only benefit from the application of your skills!'

Following the burning of Archet, Edward Carver and his brother Roderick are hoping to encourage all those with potential to take up a crafting vocation for the good of the Free Peoples.

Roderick Carver is by the Craft Hall in Combe, south of Archet. The left path from the Combe town centre climbs up the hill past the Craft Hall.

Edward Carver wants you to speak to his brother Roderick about taking up a crafting vocation.


Related Quests:


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