Tasgalls camp


Bestowal Dialogue:
'There have always been vicious and wicked drakes in Angmar. Whether they came to serve the legendary dragons of old or arose naturally, no Man can say. But now there is something new under the sun.

'Strange beasts have been seen in and around the drake lairs north of Aughaire. It almost seems as if these monsters are servants or pets of the drakes. No matter, for they have been wandering out of the camps to attack hunters and travellers. One way or another, we must put a stop to these beasts, and I ask you to help us in this matter.

'Slay them until they learn to stay by their masters' sides and not trouble us. We have enough troubles already....'

Strange bestial creatures have invaded the foothills north of Aughaire. It seems to the Hillmen of Aughaire that these beasts are servants or pets of the evil drakes of the region.

Kill Hill-Beasts to protect the hunters of Aughaire.

Objective 1
Kill - - Hill-Beasts
There are hill-beasts in the highlands north of Aughaire.

Tasgall has asked you to slay the hill-beasts who have become a danger in the area.

Objective 2
Having slain many hill-beasts, you should return to Tasgall for your reward.

Related Quests:
The Great Beast

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22s 40c

Selectable Rewards:




Cuinthorn Cape


Targe of Aughaire

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