Ann Granger

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Good day, pleasure to meet you. You know, I heard a bit about your adventures, and it got me wondering if you might do me a favour.

'You see, I was chased off my farm by those Blackwolds a while back, and in my flight, I dropped my satchel, which contained some valuables. Well, as I looked back, I saw one of those brigands pick it up!

'I joined up with the guard when I made it to Archet, but now I'm stuck watching this lodge and can't get back what's mine! I'd be most grateful if you could go to Blackwolds' Roost to the south of here and get my satchel back!'

When Ann Granger, a member of Captain Brackenbrook's garrison, was run off of her land by the Blackwolds, she lost a satchel containing things that were valuable to her.

Collect and return Ann Grangers stollen satchel from the blackwold thieves.

Objective 1
Collect Ann Granger’s satchel
Blackwolds' Roost lies in the ruins south of the Hunter's Lodge.

Ann Granger has asked you to go to Blackwolds' Roost and recover her stolen satchel.

Objective 2
Bring the satchel to Ann Granger

Related Quests:

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Selectable Rewards:


Spiked Wooden Mace


Granger's Axe

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