Level: 42

Difficulty: Solo


Start: Santtu

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Many years ago, we brought with us from the South some skulls of lehmä -- what you little people call aurochs. Very important skulls. The skulls honour Suuri-lehmä.

'Jorthkyn take the skulls on path through Ram Dúath to see new sights in this place. This must be done every year. This year, our brethren did not return. Scouts say that Orcs killed Jorthkyn and took the skulls. Orcs are in a strong place in the east side of Ram Dúath.

'Bring back the skulls from the Orcs. Maybe they are in their strong place? Or in the camp of the horrible bat-women who kill? Three skulls were stolen.'

Aurochs skulls apparently have some significant meaning to the Earth-kin of the Suuri-lehmä, and many have been stolen from them.

The aurochs skulls are probably in the camp of the Orcs and Angmarim in the eastern part of Ram Dúath. Tuokki also mentioned some strange "bat-women who kill" who might have them.

Santtu has asked you to recover the stolen aurochs skulls.



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