Level: 15

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Breeland

Start: Oddvarr

Bestowal Dialogue:
'This is not good! In fact, it is downright terrible! All my work...gone! Just like that, quick as you please. Drat and double-drat!

'My notes are missing, and I'm absolutely certain that I placed them in my pack. There was a band of Tarkrîp Orcs from around Cirith Nur, west to northwest of here in the North Bree-fields, come sniffing around the ruins. That's why I left my pack behind in such a hurry.

'I'm in no shape to take on Orcs. I'm an explorer, not a warrior. Those notes mean everything to me. Could you please find them and return them to me?'

Oddvarr's pack was recovered, but he is no better off. The notes he wrote down are missing, and he suspects that some Orcs made off with them.

1. Tarkrîp Orcs from around Cirith Nur, west to northwest of Oddvar in the North Bree-fields, have stolen Oddvar's precious notes.

Oddvarr's notes are missing, and he suspects the Tarkrîp Orcs ran off with them. One of the Orcs must have them, if you can only find which one.

2. Return to Oddvarr, south-east of Hengstacer.

You found Oddvarr's notes on the body of a slain Orc.

3. Lofar Ironband is in the town of Bree, in the Stone Quarter, down the road south from the West-gate stable-master.

Oddvarr told you to seek out Lofar and tell him that his research into the ruins is going well.



Related Quests:


Ironband's Staff OR Ironband's Club

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Cirith Nur




Lofar Ironband in Bree


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