Level: 21

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Amon Raith, North Downs

Start: Amarion

Bestowal Dialogue:
'We have enough food now to last a good while, but the people under my care will not be satisfied until they have reclaimed their lands from the Wargs and goblins that have invaded Annúndir.

'We must be cautious. There is a camp of goblins on the slopes of the southern hills. Returning the refugees to their homes must start with the destruction of those goblins, but first I need to know their numbers.

'Travel east into Annúndir and get as close to the goblin camp as you can without being seen. I do not want the goblins following you back to Amon Raith, so use stealth.'

Amarion is worried about the goblin presence in southern Annúndir and fears what will happen if the creatures learn of the refugees at Amon Raith.

1. The goblins have established a camp on the southern hills of Annúndir, east of Amon Raith.

Amarion has asked you to scout the goblin camp and assess the threat it poses to those under his care. He has warned you to take care. If a goblin sees you, it might track you back to Amon Raith.

2. The Ranger Amarion is at Amon Raith, west of Annúndir.

Amarion is waiting for your assessment of the camp the goblins have made on the southern hills of Annúndir.


This quest is *very* easy to fail. One tip is that if you're in a group, and you happen to fail, but someone else didn't, have them reshare it. Then go back to the circled spot(or don't move at all if you're already there). This will save you from having to run all the way back to the quest giver to restart it.

Note that you do not have to go to the exact spot circled in the picture. Anywhere next to the canvas wall will work.

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  2. Spying On The Goblins
  3. The Scout Becomes The Hunter



On the run to the camp


The circle denotes where you need to stand. Ignore the corpse.

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