Level: 09

Difficulty: Solo


Start:Atli Spider-bane

Bestowal Dialogue:
'This spider-queen -- Iornaith by name -- and her ways are known to me. She will have hidden herself in Sprigley's house and blocked all the entrances, save one.

'If you search the tunnels below the house, I would wager you will find a hidden passage leading to Iornaith's lair. The vile thing must be slain, or Archet will be overrun by her brood.

'Would that I were hale and could heft an axe! But that time has passed. Now, the mantle of Spider-bane must pass to you, if you'll have it.'

An ancient spider-queen has pursued Atli Spider-bane to Archet and invaded Cal Sprigley's farm.

1. Sprigley's farm south of Bronwe's Folly. One entrance to the spider tunnels lies through the cellar of Sprigley's shed, while the other is through the cave mouth due west of the Hunter's Lodge.

To prevent Iornaith's brood from overrunning Archet, Atli Spider-bane has asked you to find and slay the spider-queen. Atli suggests searching the spider caves beneath Sprigley's farm for a secret entrance into the Iornaith's lair.

2. Atli Spider-bane can be found at the north end of Archet, west of the spider-cave, north-west of Sprigley's farm.

You should take news of Iornaith's defeat to Atli Spider-bane.

Go back into the same cave you used for Finding Reason. Make all right turns until you reach a human style area. The named spider is up two flights of stairs. You will usually pull 2-3 additional spiders. I recommend bringing a friend.

Related Quests:
Finding Reason

90c Iornaith's Bane OR Iornaith's Ward

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The entrance to the cave is just behind the corpse of Bali


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